Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It's 2007. Blogs have been around for a long time. A lot of people give me credit for being in tune to popular technology, but I just didn't get it. Why was everyone blogging? Who were all these people who wanted their inner thoughts posted for all to see. More than that, why was anyone reading blogs? Most of them are crap. So why am I doing this? Well, for one thing, I've come around. I get that the blogosphere is a way for people to express themselves - one of those "human desires" - and a mechanism for surfacing good writers, without having to rely on the bureaucracy of the publishing world. That's the really cool part to me, and is the essence of what I think is interesting about so-called Web 2.0. It's providing a creative forum to anyone who has an internet connection, and letting the world judge for itself whether what's posted is worth reading. What's worth it gets a new audience, and what's not fades away.

I don't have a theme other than variety. I'm going to write about whatever interests me. Other than the web itself, I imagine I'll write about politics, Cleveland sports, religion, science, philosophy, travel. I'll post some pictures, since I like to take pictures. I'll rant occasionally about DC traffic and drivers. I fancy myself somewhat of an iconoclast, but maybe I'm really not.

The name? Well, I'm not sure I'm ready to say just yet. One or two people should be able to figure it out.

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moogavir said...

I'm yearning for more of your blogs. They're so well written!!!